[Spoilers for this week's episode of Prison Break follow, read at your own risk...]

On Tuesday's episode of Prison Break, "Wine Dark Sea," the identity of mysterious bad guy Poseidon was finally revealed. And that man is...

Jacob (Mark Feuerstein)! Yeah, yeah, it was the guy who we though it was all along, starting from the season's fourth episode "Prisoner's Dillema," when we saw Jacob chatting with the two hitmen Van Gogh and A&W. Back then we only had our eyes to tell us who Jacob actually was, and because there was no audio of what was said between Jacob and the pair of killers, we were never able to confirm that he was indeed Poseidon.

The truth came out when Michael (Wentworth Miller) saw a picture of Jacob on Sara's (Sarah Wayne Callies) phone during the lovebirds' brief reunion, and Michael explained other details of Poseidon that, again, we kind of already knew. Poseidon was ex-CIA who went rogue and forced Michael into faking his own death and running missions for him. You know, missions that involve breaking in and out of prison.

Though the episode treated it like a big reveal, it was anything but. Most people watch Prison Break for the action, but a few well-placed twists and turns could really give this revival the energy it needs to be good. Instead, this current season has been a drag of predictability and shuffled side characters who have little to do but get out of the way when it's time (see ya, Ja!).

Prison Break: The desert nearly claims the life of a hero

Michael and his desert pals are finally headed back Stateside thanks to help from Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), who booked passage for them on a sketchy freighter for the low, low price of $50,000, which just so happened to be the same value as the ring that Sara was wearing at the time. I do not know many people who would venture alone to a dangerous part of the Middle East wearing a ring worth 50 large, but that's TV for ya.

However, the boat captain radioed in that Kaniel Outis/Michael was on board and Poseidon called in a SEAL team to capture them. A big game of cat-and-mouse on the boat ensued, but Sucre was able to steer the boat toward Algeria, where anything the SEALs did would turn into a nasty international incident, so Poseidon backed off and decided to blow the whole boat up instead with a missile. Don't worry, Michael and the group jumped off the boat in time. Now they just have to worry about being stranded in the Atlantic on a dinghy.

Back in New York, Sara returned and tried to pretend nothing happened and her slimy hubby planted a really gross kiss on her that made even me feel violated. But soon the truth came out and Sara toughened up and pointed a gun at Jacob — but it was too late, because Jacob had already made his move. He arranged for her son Mikey to be kidnapped, leaving Sara with no choice to put the gun down and wait for Jacob's next move.

Prison Break airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Fox.