Good news for people who love sand! It was everywhere in this week's episode of Prison Break.

The action-jammed "Phaeacia," Episode 6 of the season's nine episodes, set Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell) loose in the desert as they escaped Yemen and looked for a way home. With their faces connected to the assassination of ISIL leader Abu Ramal, it wasn't going to be easy... not that trekking through the barren lands of the Middle East was easy on its own.

Following some complicated escape plans out of the city (R.I.P. Omar, you traitorous leech), Michael, Lincoln, Whip (Augustus Prew) and the others hauled it out of there in a pair of vehicles with ISIL soldiers on their tail. Making matters worse, A&W and Van Gogh — Poseidon's two hitmen — hit up a connection at the NSA and spied on Michael and Lincoln using drones, which simply isn't fair if you ask me.

But some conveniently errant bullets and an entire ISIL army standing too close to an explosive gas tank helped our heroes make their escape into the desert. Cyclops — Sheba's sexual predator — took it on his own to go after them and ended up in a struggle with Michael that cost Cyclops his one good eye as Michael jammed a screwdriver into his socket. Guess you're just no-clops now, buddy.

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Michael didn't make it out unscathed, though, after Cyclops stuck him in the side with something that looked like it came from a tetanus warning poster, and Michael — separated from the rest of the group — had to make it on his own. He eventually did meet up with everyone else at the rendezvous point, but gravely injured and clinging on to life. Will he make it? I bet you a hundred dollars he does!

What did you think of "Phaeacia"?

Prison Break airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Fox.