Prison Break
"Don't make me lie to you." Wow. I don't think I'd be that coherent  if I'd just had my toe chopped off. I'd be just a tad bit more irrational while fighting back my tears. I wonder if Lincoln really appreciates how much Michael is willing to tolerate for him. Especially if Michael has a run in with "the gutter," that knife that T-Bag just snagged. That thing looks truly nasty, and sounds really unpleasant. Yeah, T-Bag lost it for now, but it doesn't seem like it will be that hard to get another one, if he can just get around Abruzzi. Back to Lincoln  who is unlikely to win any father-of-the-year awards  did I miss when they explained why Lincoln and Michael have different last names? Are they only half brothers? Did Michael just change his name so people wouldn't rapidly catch on to his connection to Lincoln? Hmm... if they did explain it, perhaps I was still distracted by Wentworth's really pretty eyes... oops, I promised no more girly assessments. But hey, even T-Bag thinks that Michael looks real pretty when he's scared. OK, I digress.... How nutty is it that Michael got a new roomie who never sleeps? And can that really happen? And is it feasible that Sucre could just request a transfer and actually get it that quickly? Gosh, this show makes me ask a lot of questions, and I don't think that tonight provided a single answer. But I'm not afraid of being in the dark when it comes to quality TV shows...  this is the kind of intrigue that keeps me tuning in. And for all those who wrote in concerned about where this show could go if and when they break out, I say have patience. The writers seem to have a good handle on these characters and their final destinations. And while there are theories and spoilers galore (visit my colleague Michael Ausiello's column if you want that kind the dirt), I'm just going to enjoy going along for the ride and suggest that others may want to do the same.   Angel Cohn