Lane Garrison by Jamie McCarthy/ Lane Garrison by Jamie McCarthy/

Yesterday, Lane Garrison, who pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence, was ordered to undergo 90 days' worth of evaluation by parole officers and psychologists in prison. Then, on Halloween, he will be sentenced - likely to probation and no further jail time.

Since his involvement in the wreck that killed a 17-year-old, the actor has appeared to take responsibility for his actions, even going so far as to tape the most graphic PSA in recent memory. "I think [every day] about the bad decision I made," he reiterated in court. "All I can say to you is, 'I'm so sorry.'"

The father of the deceased, for one, doesn't want to hear it. "He is an actor," he railed. "He is acting." The DA is majorly against the three-month observation, too, and is going to try to get Garrison four years in the pokey.

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Friday's Today's News was written by Ben Katner.