Question: It's been ages since you scooped Prison Break. Got anything on the final two episodes?

Answer: Michael gets a special delivery from the great beyond in the "season" finale on Feb. 18. And someone I thought I'd never in a million years see on the show again turns up in a surprise cameo.

OK, that about does it for this week. Head over to my blog to tell Mr. Silverman what a huge mistake he'd be making if he cheated us out of a proper Scrubs ending. And when you're done with that, watch me sweet-talk Wayne Newton into letting me crash at his Vegas mega-crib in this week's Dancing-themed Ausiello Report vodcast. Finally, see this e-mail address ( Use it to send me questions, hot tips and Smurf sightings. And then come back here next week for the first post-strike Ask Ausiello! (Please don't let me regret that last remark.)