Clockwise from top left: <EM>I Love New York</EM>'s Chance, Real, White Boy and Tango Clockwise from top left: I Love New York's Chance, Real, White Boy and Tango

"I have to tell you, I did meet my Prince Charming," reveals Tiffany "New York" Pollard, star of VH1's I Love New York (Mondays at 9 pm/ET), the raucous reality show in which the bachelorette who was twice rejected on Flavor of Love calls the shots. Pollard has already sent 16 bachelors packing —  with the help of her mother, Sister Patterson. Now only four remain: Men she nicknamed Chance, Real, Tango and White Boy. Which one will she choose? Check out these odds.

CHANCE (AKA Kamal Givens, 25)
Hometown: Anaheim, California
Why he has love for New York: "New York was sassy, real, true-witted. We had a connection from the jump."
Why New York has love for him: "I wasn't just a thug. I could tell Momma how it is and come back and apologize or slap [competitor] Boston in his mouth for saying the wrong thing. I kept it real."
On the wrath of Sister Patterson: "New York's mother was a bit crazy, so I stayed out of the woman's way [until] she started liking me a little bit."
Why he's a hero: "I had to save [three housemates] from a bug that was a 6-foot-2-inch beast. I beat that bug down to a 6-inch weasel."
ODDS OF WINNING: 3 1/2 out of 4 hearts

WHITE BOY (AKA Joshua Gallander, 24)
Hometown: Miami, Florida 
Why he has love for New York: "As crazy as she might act, deep down, she's really a good girl with a strong head."
Why New York has love for him: "I'm very laid-back and the vibe I bring is very down-to-business. I wasn't there to promote albums or to claim I was worth $100 million. I was there for her."
But dang, that girl can eat: "On our first date, I'm thinking we're going to really kick it. I might even get a first kiss! Next thing I know, this woman is stuffing her face with cucumbers, ranch dressing and turkey sandwiches!"
ODDS OF WINNING: 3 out of 4 hearts

REAL (AKA Ahmad Givens, 26)
Hometown: Anaheim, California
Why he has love for New York: "People think she's this bitch, but New York's actually a cool, down-to-earth, smart woman. She's a helluva individual." But there is one strange tic…. "She likes to use the bathroom while I'm in there."
Why New York has love for him: "She could see the real in me. But originally what got her is that I'm so sexy. I've got long hair, and I've got Gucci earrings — at least two pair."
What it's like to compete against his brother, Chance: "We have a saying: ‘Bros before hos.' No disrespect to women. But we shared a couple of girls in the past. So this is not new."
ODDS OF WINNING: 2 1/2 out of 4 hearts

TANGO (AKA Patrick S. Hunter, 27)
Hometown: Tampa, Florida 
Why he has love for New York: "Her bluntness. New York never holds anything back. That's something that attracts me about a female."
Why New York has love for him: "My arrogance. Call it cocky or what have you, but I'm a very confident person."
The truth about his catchall excuse "shoulder injury": "They didn't actually show what happened. I went up for a layup. [WNBA star Tamara Moore] fell on my shoulder and it popped out of the joint. You don't see me go off the court and get it looked at. But it was very, very real and very, very painful."
ODDS OF WINNING: 1/2 out of 4 hearts.

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