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Pretty Little Liars' Tammin Sursok: Jenna Has Definitely Returned with a Grudge

And all the Liars needs to be scared

Megan Vick

Jenna Marshall (Tammin Sursok) has returned to Pretty Little Liars.

The Liars spent years thinking that Jenna was A when they were in high school, so it's easy for them to believe that it's not a coincidence she's returned to Rosewood mere hours after they buried the body of Archer Dunhill (Huw Collins) in the woods. Guess what? They're not wrong to be suspicious of their former classmate.

The final moments of the episode revealed that Jenna and Archer are connected, meaning that Jenna knew he was never Elliott Rollins. That skyrockets her to the top of the list of potential A.D. suspects, and gives us a lot of burning questions about what Jenna is doing back in Rosewood. Luckily, TVGuide.com got a chance to ask Sursok herself about Jenna's connection to the evil doctor and what her plans are for the core four.

Tammin Sursok, Pretty Little Liars Freeform

What can you tell us about what Jenna has been up to for the last five years?

Tammin Sursok: You don't find out a lot of information about where she's been in the last five years, but we do show quite a few flashbacks. Those flashbacks show you a lot of what's been happening and the people around her.

She's really desperate to get Toby to forgive her for this mystery event three years ago. Why is it so important to make amends with him?

Sursok: Something happened in their relationship three years ago. She doesn't feel good about it and I think she really does like Toby and want him to be on her side. She definitely wants to get back in his good books. You find out in the next couple of episodes why she needs to make amends and why it's important to her.

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How would you classify Jenna's feelings for Toby at this point? They've been romantically involved and enemies in the past.

Sursok: She's always cared about him. Obviously, they've had issues in the past. I think, deep down, she's gone through a lot with him. She lost her vision and he was there for her in certain aspects. That relationship is really important to her and she definitely wants to make good by him.

Does Jenna have a grudge against the Liars like they suspect or has she found a way to forgive them?

Sursok: I think we saw when she came back that she's definitely still holding a grudge. She wasn't too happy with them. She's still sarcastic with them. She still has a few snide remarks. She needs to come to terms with [being blind] and is she going to forgive them? We'll find out in the next five or six episodes which way she's going to turn.

Does Jenna hold the grudge against all of them or is there a particular Liar that she blames everything on?

Sursok: I think it's a package deal, right? They are all sort of one to her. She doesn't have different relationships with one. She's not happy with all of them.

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Do you see Jenna as a villain like they do?

Sursok: I think she's a victim. She's been villainized for a long time. She's never done anything really to anyone. She's never gone out of her way to hurt someone. I truly believe that she's a victim and always has been. We need to have a little more empathy for Jenna because I think what you see is not always the case.

What we did see is that Jenna has a previous relationship with Elliott/Archer Dunhill. How soon will we see what that relationship is about and what can you tease about their connection?

Sursok: In the next episode or two, you find out how she's connected to him and in what way. You find out pretty soon.

Is their connection going to clarify things for us or will we have a bunch more questions?

Sursok: That's the whole mandate of the show. The show is about the thrill of finding out more answers to every question, but you're always left with more questions. Definitely a little bit of both.

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What do you feel Jenna needs to accomplish before "the end of Pretty Little Liars as we know it"?

Sursok: She either needs to get a real apology and put it to bed or she needs to go after what she wants. She needs to have a closing. She needs to go one way or the other and she needs to get some answers. The fans want some answers and Jenna wants some answers.

Pretty Little Liars continues Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.