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Pretty Little Liars: A Wedding and a Funeral

It's Hanna's turn to play

Amanda Bell

Aha! Now we know what A.D. stands for ... well, at least until that changes again.

This week on Pretty Little Liars it's Hanna Marin (Ashley Benson)'s turn to play A.D.'s sinister game, while Spencer (Troian Bellisario) engages in some recreational activities with Marco that will reveal his softer side, and Aria and Emily set off on a mission to hunt down Sydney in hopes of finding Jenna (Tammin Sursok).

As per usual, we're left with more questions than answers based on the day's activities, but what would be the fun in watching PLL if we weren't being tortured by the mystery right alongside the Liars, eh?

The episode begins with Spencer losing her mind over the game phone. The thing has been rigged with some torturous baby-cry noise that she can't escape, so she calls the girls -- well, everyone except Ali (Sasha Pieterse), who's off dealing with other things today -- to brainstorm who should have to keep tabs on this obnoxious device. Before they can quibble too much about it, though, the phone decides it's Hanna's turn to play. That's one problem solved, and a whole 'nother can-o-worms splayed right into her lap.

Hanna tries to keep Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) out of the loop about the fact that A.D.'s back and worse than ever, but that ruse doesn't hold up for long. Not only does she discover that she's being accused of stealing the design she dressed the Senator's daughter in, the fancy blogger who reported as much was tipped off to the potential copycat couture by an anonymous source, who's easily pegged as Sydney by a press shot from the photo line.

That gives Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Aria something to do -- and Aria's in desperate need of a distraction from the whole "Nicole still loves her fiance" thing -- leaving Caleb and Hanna alone to figure out what's going on with this slanderous blog situation that might harm her relationship the investors Lucas has lined up for her.

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But Caleb becomes wise to her greater concern once a life-size dummy shows up at her door with a stitched-on face, which draws out an overdue explanation from her about the game. Caleb's a little miffed that he wasn't brought into the loop sooner -- after all, he is a tech guy and might be able to lend a hand discovering clues about the game board or phone that's being used here.

Meanwhile, Toby's (Keegan Allen) recovering, but he's still a wreck over what's going on with Yvonne. She was put in a medically-induced coma to help her recover from her injuries, but now that she's woken, she's not yet able to speak. Spencer tries to commiserate with him and offers Yvonne her best, but that's when Marco shows up to the coffee shop and interrupts the chat. He wants to take Spencer out for some good old fashioned fun, and considering everything she's been through lately -- her as-yet-unhealed shoulder wound just screams "get me outta here" -- she could use some puzzle-free fun right about now.

Turns out, Spencer's new Romeo spends his downtime mentoring children at the local rec center and has a long history of motherly hurt, much like Spencer. The woman who used to run the place he volunteers was the mother figure he needed while his own mom was strung out on prescription pills. Spencer needed to see this softer side to him, and not just because it makes him more intriguing but because it clearly makes her feel less alone in what she's going through. If it weren't for her wound opening up, the two might've engaged in an epic battle at the ping pong table -- who knew she was such a stud at table tennis -- and possibly more, but alas. She's still not fully healed.

One person who does seem to be on the mend, though, is Yvonne, who suddenly manages to call out for Toby, and it's music to his ears. The whole situation has made him realize that the two should not waste anymore time together, and, after confirming that she's able to use her hands, suggests that the two go ahead and get married right then and there, no more waiting. It's not exactly a church bells and aisle runners ambiance in the hospital room, but hey, "I do"s are still said.

Eventually, Hanna figures out what she's supposed to do with the doll. Her message had told her to look in the appendix, and even though she's not your traditional book worm, she thought that meant she was to search through her little library for the next clue. As Caleb talks her through his process of scanning the game for a power source, though, she remembers playing "Operation" as a kid and discovers there's a different kind of appendix she's supposed to dig through. One with grossly realistic blood spurts, too.

Her mission? Wear the fugliest, shortest red dress in history to her important meeting with investors. Caleb warns her that it's bound to offend the investors -- as he puts it, the dress is "everyone's gonna see your tuna roll short." Now, there's an image. He then asks her why she doesn't just try to skip the game altogether and say to heck with it. That's when Hanna throws all her dice on the table and tells him A.D. knows about Rollins, so she's counting on him to hack the game and put an end to it before she humiliates herself.

Unless and until that happens, though, Hanna's got a meeting to go to, before which she must profusely apologize to Lucas in advance for embarrassing him. The man does not know what he's gotten himself into with their partnership -- well, probably not anyway.

Her absence leaves Caleb alone in Spencer's house. This makes for a majorly awkward moment when, fresh off her hot date with Marco, she finds her ex-flame in her living room. They agree to get along and muscle through the difficulty of this moment, and Spencer even offers up a beer and some take-out as a gesture of good faith for their newfound associateship. As she's in the kitchen, though, the game gasses Caleb in the face and knocks him out.

Meanwhile, our detectives of the day, Emily and Aria are on the case to figure out whether Sydney had anything to do with Spencer's shooting and/or her connection to Jenna. Suddenly, Aria's besting Caleb with her wi-fi hacking skills and manages to track Sydney down, where Emily can confront her. Sydney insists she was just helping Jenna out and that she's not going to do her any more favors, but Aria's able to label that one a lie by seeing her upcoming appointment with a doctor's office. They follow her and listen in on the transaction she has at the opthamologist -- a deposit for Jenna's next procedure courtesy of A.D., "Anonymous Donor" (AHA!) -- and bum rush her on the street afterward. This time, Sydney's caught off guard but no less insistent that she has no idea where Jenna is or who's really bankrolling her eye care under the A.D. title. Since she won't tell them anything, they decide to plant a tracking device in her purse so that they can continue to snoop on her wherever she goes next. Cunning!


Pretty Little Liars, Freeform

Once Caleb is transported to the hospital, Hanna's got a good excuse to step out of her meeting, leaving Lucas out to dry and one puzzle piece unearned. Caleb's okay, of course, but one person that's not fine is Yvonne.

She and Toby wax poetic about all the places they'd like to honeymoon -- from Patagonia to Tasmania, they want to up and become world travelers all of a sudden -- but it's just a dream for them because just as he confirms that she's imagining what could('ve) be(en), she falls into the final sleep right in front of him. He falls into Spencer's arms in the waiting room to sob it out, clearly devastated beyond belief at what's just happened to his new wife.

Meanwhile, Aria returns home to find that she's still unable to contact Ezra, but she's not alone. From the shadows emerges none other than the woman she's been desperately trying to avoid all episode: Nicole. What. Is. SHE. Doing. There?

And Marco's not having the best time right now, either. He might've had a fun, relaxing day with Spencer, but when he returns to work, he's on the receiving end of a package that contains a rotting finger. Mrs. Delaurentis, we presume?

Pretty Little Liars continues Tuesdays at 8/7c on Freeform.