Shay Mitchell Shay Mitchell

When Pretty Little Liars returns to ABC Family on June 14, fans are in for one intense second season. "The stuff that we're shooting right now is insane," exclaims Shay Mitchell (Emily). "I am so excited for the fans to see everything."  

At the start of the Season 2, the girls will be right where we left them in March. "You don't miss a beat," Mitchell told TV Guide Magazine at the MTV Movie Awards on June 5. "You're going to find out what happened to Ian. That's huge. I mean, that's been the big question on everybody's mind. Is he dead? Is he alive? You will be finding out."

And while Mitchell cops to Emily having multiple new love interests, her co-star Troian Bellisario says her character, Spencer, only has eyes for one. "Her relationship with Toby is getting deeper," says Bellisario. "And what you'll see in the first seven episodes is her parents really taking Melissa's side.  Spencer's got no support system, so she runs to Toby and they become more of a couple."

She'll need all the support she can get, because even though Alison's body was found, "A" is still rampant. " 'A' is torturing the girls," says Bellisario, whose fans often accuse her of being the mysterious texter. "We don't know if 'A' is the person that killed Alison or if they're two separate people," adds Mitchell. " 'A' seems to be everywhere."

What we do know is that Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison, will be back for more flashbacks, and possibly more revelations about her character's death. "There will be a lot more Sasha and some really great scenes," teases Mitchell.  "A lot more flashbacks that could be key to the events that took place the night she was murdered."

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