Rosie Pope Rosie Pope

As a Manhattan maternity concierge — and the star of Bravo's latest ultra-niche reality show Pregnant in Heels — British import (and mother of two) Rosie Pope is the go-to expert for high-end moms-to-be who expect nothing but the best for their blessed event. We kid you not.

TV Guide Magazine: Wealthy, expectant mothers must be a tough crowd.
Pope: You can never tell them that! But you add hormones into the mix and you have crazytown.

TV Guide Magazine: From the opening episode, it seems like some of your clients are kind of...awful.
Pope: Part of my job is that I want to make them appreciate what a miracle pregnancy is — and a lot of these women, when I first start working with them, haven't realized that yet. But by the time I finish, they really do.

TV Guide Magazine: What has been your weirdest request from an expectant mom?
Pope: I recently did a baby shower and the expectant mother, who is a socialite here in the city, wanted male strippers dressed as babies. [Laughs] Yep.

TV Guide Magazine: Got any insider tips for women before they give birth?
Pope: Prepare, because this is the most important role of your life. Enjoy it. I think the way a lot of women celebrate their weddings should be the same for their pregnancies. And sleep — because you're never going to sleep again. It's over!

Pregnant in Heels airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on Bravo.

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