Undoubtedly elating Sonya, my unrequited high-school crush whom I haunted with "Every Breath You Take" more than one too many times, Sting, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland announced on Monday that The Police will reunite for a tour kicking off May 28 in Vancouver, hitting Europe, then swinging by the States for dates in such cities as New York, Boston, Denver and Las Vegas. Recalling the genesis (oops, wrong '80s group) of this reunion, Sting tells the AP, "I woke up one morning about three months ago and this lightbulb went off: 'I'm going to call Andy and Stewart and tell them we should tour.'"

As for the differences that splintered the trio in 1984, Sting dismisses them as artistic, not personal. "[They] were all about music. Also, hairstyles." The group, meanwhile, sidestepped questions about a new CD possibly being born of the tour.