The latest fall-pilot developments, as recapped by our pals at Variety:

" Laurie Metcalf has joined the cast of Lifetime's The Virgin of Akron, Ohio, playing the mother of the title character, a young model who returns to her hometown and, after surviving a car crash, is believed to have been sent by God. I'm sorry, a model who's a virgin? Aren't we already having trouble believing Adriana Lima?

" ABC has picked up See Jayne Run, a comedy about a woman juggling motherhood and a career, and a sudser set in D.C. Also, it's now "official": ABC has cast Jordana Brewster as Jane in its Mr. & Mrs. Smith series - but told you that yesterday.

" Fox has picked up The Beast, about a veterinarian who can't stand animals, and a comedy about four post-college single women.