Piers Morgan, Burger King ad Piers Morgan, Burger King ad

Piers Morgan insists that the scantily clad body seen in a new U.K. ad for Burger King is all his. Despite claims that the image has been manipulated, the America's Got Talent judge told TVGuide.com that "the picture speaks for itself."

"People who've met me are totally unsurprised by the quality of my physique," he added. The often cocky Brit said he doesn't do anything specific to buff up, but does go to the gym "quite a lot."

When asked if his fellow Britain's Got Talent judge Simon Cowell would ever pose shirtless, Morgan joked, "I think there's more chance of Simon Cowell flying to the moon in a wheelbarrow, than there is of him ever doing something like that. I'm seeing [him] at the Royal Ascot races tomorrow, so I'm going to put it to him for you."

Were you surprised/shocked/turned on by Piers' fit figure?