Norah Jones Norah Jones

In the age of the instantly downloadable single, musicians rarely have the opportunity to perform their deep cuts on TV. Which is what makes PBS' Soundstage such a gem. "We want people to experience more than just the one song on iTunes," says exec producer Don Maggi. In tonight's Norah Jones concert (10/9c), that includes selections from the chanteuse's latest CD, The Fall. "I think TV is a great way to showcase live performance," says Jones. "Some music stations don't even play music anymore! So thank God for shows like these."

Best known for her jazzy, Grammy-winning 2002 debut, Come Away With Me, Jones has gone on to create a body of work that is at once genre-defying and substantive. "Norah is a legacy artist, one that we'll be talking to our kids about," says Soundstage's director Joe Thomas, who reveals that Jones herself suggested the venue for the concert, Brooklyn's vanguard St. Ann's Warehouse. "It was one of the first New York shows that I had done with my new band, so there were a lot of nerves on our end, but in a good way," she says. "And a lot of my friends came to the taping, so it felt more normal."

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