Superman, Pauley Perrette Superman, Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette is getting out of the lab. The NCIS star will voice Lois Lane in the upcoming animated DVD-movie Superman vs. The Elite. Based on the story "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?," which ran in Action Comics No. 775 in 2001, the film pits the Man of Steel against a ruthless team of "heroes" with staggering powers. Unlike Superman, The Elite are not afraid to use violence, including killing, to stop anyone they consider bad guys. As the public begins to rally around these superhuman vigilantes, Superman (George Newbern, who also voiced the character in the Justice League series) must figure out a way to stop them without compromising his principles of (you guessed it) "truth, justice and the American way."

Helping him sort it out is Lois, balancing her roles as a Daily Planet reporter and Superman/Clark Kent's wife. "I think there are similarities between Abby and Lois," Perrette says, comparing this character with her quirky NCIS forensic scientist. "They're both very smart and confident and really good at their jobs. They're both really focused. Abby just doesn't have a Superman."

Superman vs. The Elite, the latest in a series of DC Comics-themed movies from Warner Bros. Animation, will be available on DVD, Blu-ray, digital download and on demand. An exact release date has yet to be determined, but expect to see it before July's Comic-Con International.

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