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"That's another guy... that nut on television," Hogan insists with a laugh. "They roll around all day with crocodiles. Get a life, guys. Crocodile Dundee is about people; it's 10 seconds about crocodiles."

But Hogan, who also co-stars with a skunk, chimpanzee and pig in the third installment of the Dundee series, confesses that it's frequently easier to act opposite animals and kids than adults. "There are quite a few actors in the business who are much more difficult than kids or monkeys," he reveals. "Animals and kids don't run off to the trailer and slam the door and refuse to come out because they're an Aquarius or something."

Hogan also isn't anxious to work with another group of performers: The castaways from Survivor: The Australian Outback. Asked how Dundee would have fared among the back-stabbing contestants of CBS's hit reality series, the actor-SUV pitchman says, "He'd move down the river in about the first 20 minutes [and say], 'I'm not living with these people.' And I'd be with him."

For now, Hogan has no plans to make a fourth Crocodile Dundee movie. In fact, Mick's final appearance might be in a U.S. court if Hogan decides to sue the Writer's Guild of America to get his name listed as the writer of Dundee 3. (Guild rules state that Hogan can't receive both a producing credit and a writing credit.) "I don't know if [suing] will do any good or not," he sighs. "[But] you sort of have to, because it is so silly."