Paris Hilton by Jeff Vespa/ Paris Hilton by Jeff Vespa/

Paris Hilton's grandpapa, Barron Hilton ( love the name, very DSM), reiterated on Wednesday that per the terms of a new will, 97 percent of his estimated $2.3 billion net worth is being left to charity, namely the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation (which funds clean water in Africa, education for blind kids and housing for the mentally ill). As a result, Paris herself might ultimately reap in the neighborhood of $5 million, says the New York Daily News, versus the $100 mil she might have otherwise pocketed.

Will the will hold water? "Some [family members] could be likely to contest the will," a friend of the clan tells the News. If so, "It'll be in the courts longer than [the similar case of] Anna Nicole Smith versus J. Howard Marshall."