Paris Hilton Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton will once again go the distance to find a new best friend, this time traveling to the Middle East. Later this month, the heiress takes Paris Hilton's My New BFF to Dubai.

In a new production deal with Lionsgate and Ish Entertainment (with approval from Dubai's ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum), Hilton will put a group of young women — half from the Middle East, half Dubai residents from other places — through a series of tests to see who can "best complement" her lifestyle, according to Variety.

"I love it for the sheer wildcard aspect of it," said Ish co-founder Michael Hirschorn. "It's so out of the ordinary."

According to Hirschorn, the Dubai production will not be as racy as the U.S. or U.K. editions due to cultural context. Alcohol, swearing, sexually explicit conversation and risqué clothing will mostly be avoided. Because Hilton has not yet traveled to Dubai, the show will also have footage of her reaction to her first trip to the UAE.

It's still unclear whether it will be aired in the U.S.

Would you tune in to see her head to Dubai?

If you can't wait for the heiress' overseas adventures, get a sneak peek as Paris Hilton receives the Inside the Actor's Studio treatment on Reality Chat, Tuesday June 2(8 pm/ET) on TV Guide Network: