NBC's Heroes returns Monday at 9 pm/ET, but can the troubled series get back on track? To hear Hayden Panettiere and Greg Grunberg (aka Claire and Matt) tell it, the new "Fugitives" arc has the makings of a comeback, as it "gets the band back together" toward a common, self-preserving goal.

"The government gets involved with taking people like us down and capturing us," Panettiere says in the video shown below. Ultimately, after what Grunberg describes as "a huge cliffhanger," the hunted heroes are afforded a chance to elude capture. "We all go on the run," previews Panettiere, "and eventually come up with a plan" to get back at the government — Homeland Security head Nathan included! "It's really cool," adds Claire Bear's portrayer.

At the 1:00 mark, Panettiere also teases character interactions like viewers have never seen before.

Grunberg, in his video (found here), acknowledges that Heroes has promised start-from-scratch reboots before. "But trust me," he begs, "I have never been excited as I am about 'Fugitives.'"

Grunberg goes on to talk about Nathan's dark side, and even likens the "insane" Petrelli clan to the Brady Bunch.

What are you thinking? Might Heroes have some super days left in it after all?