Lego says, "Thank you for being a friend!"

The toy company uses its "Ideas" site to let people vote on what fan-created Lego set they'd like to see in stores. This week, one based on The Golden Girls got 10,000 supporters — enough to be moved on to Lego for official review.

The set features the original four ladies — Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanche — as well as Stanley, Dorothy's ex-husband. You can move them around their kitchen, living room, and foyer. Meticulous details include wicker furniture, cabinets that open and close, a kitchen storage closet, and an outdoor seating area.

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Lego user (and Golden Girls superfan) lostsleep uploaded the images to the site on March 18. Most submissions to the Ideas site feature a couple of concept shots, but lostsleep went all out with more than 20 different scenes.

"I have recreated many classic scenes from the show, including a visit from Burt Reynolds, Rose shooting Blanche's Vase, Dorothy Playing 'Grab That Dough' and Rose rescuing her Teddy Bear from a mean little girl," lostsleep writes. On April 8, the fan added, "If we can get to 5,000 votes, I will add the Lanai behind the Foyer. The girls need a place to relax in the sun and play cards."

The girls will get it: The idea has received more than a quarter of a million views, and as of April 9, had the 10,000 votes necessary to move on to the next stage. Lego will review the idea and announce whether or not the set will reach production.

In the last round of reviews, Lego evaluated eight projects and announced the winners in February: A WALL-E toy and a set of Doctor Who, including at least one Doctor, two companions, a Dalek, and of course, the TARDIS. Past winners that have landed in stores include sets based on Back to the Future, the Mars Curiosity Rover, and the Ghostbusters Ecto-1.

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