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Outlander: Claire's Most Blunt and Badass Moments

...and got in serious trouble for it

Megan Vick

Outlander's Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) is the last woman to let you walk all over her.

The problem is that even if Claire is an empowered feminist and has no fear when it comes to standing up for what she believes in, she's stuck in the 18th century where the patriarchy doesn't take kindly to that behavior. There have been multiple crucial moments in the series where Claire has mouthed off to the wrong person and gotten herself, and her family, in deep trouble. Claire's lack of tact is simultaneously her most admirable and infuriating quality.

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Here are the top five moments in which Claire's blunt attitude made us want to cheer and wring our hands at the same time.

5.Defending Scotland to her British saviors



The MacKenzies may have been keeping Claire prisoner, but she picked up some Scottish pride during her time with them -- perhaps too much for her own good. Midway through the first season Claire gets a chance to be returned to the rocks that transported her through time when she encounters a group of British soldiers, but she gets a little loose lipped during dinner and sticks up for Scotland. They interpret Claire's Scottish defense as treason and she gets an up-close look at how truly evil Black Jack Randall (Tobias Menzies) can be as a consequence.

4. The witch trial



An 18th century witch trial is not a place you want to be to begin with, but Claire only makes matters worse for herself when she mouths off to the judge and everyone in the court room about how insane they are to be holding her and Geillis (Lotte Verbeek) in the first place. It lead to Claire getting lashes and if Jamie (Sam Heughan) hadn't shown up -- and Geillis sacrificed herself -- Claire would have been burned at the stake.

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3. Revealing Le Comte St. Germain's smallpox shipment



Claire made a powerful enemy very quickly in the Season 2 premiere when she revealed that Le Comte St. German (Stanley Weber) had a crew member with smallpox on his merchant ship. Her refusal to let the matter go away quietly forced Le Comte to have to burn his entire ship -- and all of the merchandise on it. Claire may have saved all of Paris from a terrible outbreak, but it also lead to her almost being poisoned and being attacked by masked robbers later on.

2. Paying Jamie back for punishing her



It's not just enemies and the patriarchy that have received a brutal tongue lashing from Claire. Jamie has also gotten his fair share, but none so sharp as when Claire dressed him down for spanking her. That may have been how the Highlanders "disciplined" their wives in the 1700s, but Claire Fraser will have none of it. We worried that the incident would be the end of Jamie and Claire, but her "I will cut your heart out" speech goes down as one of the most badass and sexiest moments of the show.

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1. "F--k the king" and Black Jack Randall



What do you do when the evil monster who tortured and raped your husband shows up in your new town and dares you to make a scene? If you're Claire Fraser, you let him know that you are ready to burn the whole place down with just three small words. Claire could have been imprisoned for treason if anyone else had heard her "F--k the king" to Black Jack Randall -- but the line was bitter and perfect. If any man deserves the Fraser fury, it is absolutely Randall.

Outlander airs Saturday nights at 9/8c on Starz.