In a unanimous vote, Debb Eaton — the 45-year-old corrections officer from Milan, New Hampshire — was the first contestant booted off Survivor: The Australian Outback last night as CBS's highly anticipated reality sequel premiered following the Super Bowl. "It's a dubious distinction," Eaton said on The Early Show this morning of being the Sonja of the group. "I wasn't that happy about it, but it's a game." Eaton admitted she was put off by her tribemate's candid conversations in which they discussed everything from pre-marital sex to masturbation. "I tried to think of every single thing that could possibly happen to me, and I was ready for everything, but I never expected that," she said, adding that producers portrayed her "as more aggressive" than she was. Early Show host Bryant Gumbel went on to ask Eaton about her romance with her stepson, a "scandal" the tabloids recently broke. "You don't choose who you fall in love with," she said. "I was with a man for 20 years who I loved very much, and he died. I never had a mother-son relationship with Bob Eaton. We share a love and a commitment to each other that, as far as I'm concerned, is a gift from God, and no one's ever going to make me feel bad about that." CBS announced that it will rebroadcast the premiere of Outback on Wednesday at 8 pm ET/PT. The show moves into its regular Thursday at 8 pm ET/PT timeslot Feb. 1. For a complete synopsis of Episode 1, click here.