Tracy Morgan Tracy Morgan

The Oscars injected some much-needed humor into the #OscarsSoWhite controversy with a bit that put black actors inside some of the year's top films. After an opening full of uncomfortable observations, Rock opened the segment with, "As you know, for the second year in a row, all the acting nominees are white. But worse than that, if you're a black actor, just getting an opportunity to be in a movie can be a struggle. Let's take a look."

We were all to ready for a weighty montage of actors talking about overcoming adversity, when we saw a scene from Joy, with Whoopi Goldberg playing a cleaning lady on the film's home-shopping network set. 'It's not rocket science - it's a mop. Maybe one day they'll make a movie about a skinny white lady who invented a mop. Of course, a black girl would have to invent a cure for cancer before they even give her a TV movie."

SNL star Leslie Jones was up next, thrashing Leonardo DiCaprio around like the bear in The Revenant, screaming, "There are no. Black. Actresses. In. This. Movie!" Then Tracy Morgan appeared in The Danish Girl wearing a slip and eating a danish, but the funniest was Chris Rock appeared in The Martian, stuck in space, asking to get rescued from space. "It would cost us 2,000 white dollars to rescue him," Jeff Daniels said. "We can't afford that." "I don't really see a black astronaut," Kristin Wiig said with a wink. "No black astronauts here!" Hilarious.