AMC is ready to clone Orphan Black. Sort of.

According to Variety, the network is currently in the process of developing a new series based in the world of the BBC sci-fi drama. While the new show won't be a sequel or a reboot per se, it will be set in the same universe as the original and feature an all-new story.

It's still very early in the potential series' development — producers are in search of a writer and are accepting pitches for the concept of the show — but if it happens, the series will reportedly air on AMC, rather than original show's home, BBC America.

Orphan Black launched in 2013 and ran for five seasons. The drama earned lead actress Tatiana Maslany an Emmy Award for her work as a woman who discovers she's one of several clones created through an illegal experiment and has to go on the run with her look-alikes (also played by Maslany) to escape being murdered.

After the series finale aired in 2017, we talked to the cast about their ideas for an Orphan Black spin-off. Given their pitches, which ranged from deep dives into Neolution to some key character pairings, it's clear there's still plenty of story to be told in the Clone Club's world. Perhaps the creatives behind this potential new series won't have to look far to find their inspiration.

Orphan Black is available for streaming on Amazon.

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