We're less than three months away from the highly anticipated third season of Orange Is the New Black, and while it's unclear exactly what's in store for the ladies of Litchfield this year, we can think of a few things that we'd like to see.

Here's our wishlist for Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black:

1. Wrap Vee's story line up ASAP: The Vee (Lorraine Toussaint) vs. Red (Kate Mulgrew) conflict bogged Season 2 down like a deadweight, and now that Vee's (presumably) bitten the dust, the show needs to establish that she's dead - like, really for real dead - right away and move on. Maybe they could have a brief memorial scene in Episode 1 (though we're not sure who would actually attend). And while Vee's death will surely have huge effects on Taystee (Danielle Brooks) and Crazy Eyes (Uzo Aduba), we hope their mourning is quick so we finally can drop her character for good. It's never a good sign when a show's entire sophomore season revolves around a new character who wasn't even referenced in the first, so we'd like to see the focus return to some of our old favorites. Like ...

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2. More backstories: Why haven't we gotten Big Boo's (Lea DeLaria) backstory yet? DeLaria has said she already knows what Boo's origin story is (in fact, she was given her character's backstory as soon as she signed on for the role), so why are the fans still being kept in the dark? We could also stand to see a little more from characters like Flaca (Marisol Gonzales) and Maritza (Diane Guerrero). Their friendly kiss last year was one of the sweetest scenes of the season, yet we barely know them. Can we get a little more information beyond the fact that Flaca loves The Smiths and Maritza has a kid?

3. Daya finally gives birth: Enough with the Daya (Dascha Polanco) pregnancy story line. Two seasons in, this has felt like the longest human gestational period ever. Here's hoping Season 3 covers several months rather than a couple of weeks and features Bennett (Matt McGorry) and Daya navigating their way through their unconventional family. (Luckily, McGorry has hinted that it will.) And while we're at it, the truth also needs to come out - to everyone - about the baby's real parentage. Though we bet the appearance of Pornstache's mother (Mary Steenburgen) might help speed that along.

4. Don't overuse Red: In Season 1, Red butted heads with Pornstache over her smuggling, tortured Piper (Taylor Schilling), hunted the Chicken and lost all her allies. In Season 2, she became Piper's roommate, joined the Golden Girls, began smuggling again, was lied to about her family business, and had a seemingly never-ending feud with Vee. That is a lot for one character on this show - especially when there are so many inmates who barely get any screen time. Here's hoping Red takes a backseat this season, because as much as we love Kate Mulgrew, it's time to give the other girls a shot.

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5. More Sophia: Sophia (Laverne Cox) was one of OITNB's original breakout characters, and yet she was almost entirely absent throughout Season 2. Season 1's "Lesbian Request Denied" proved that Cox can handle drama as well as comedy, so let her show off her skills! Let's check back in with Sophia's family, especially her son Michael, but also see her get more involved in the current-day plots. Sophia has mentioned a rivalry with Danita, the other Litchfield hairdresser. Show us more of that! Who are her friends? What gets her through the long prison days? We don't care what Sophia does, as long as she's front and center this year.

6. Don't drag out Piper's secret: We are thrilled that Alex (Laura Prepon) is returning to Litchfield. We are not thrilled, however, at the prospect of dragging out all season long the reveal that Piper is the reason Alex is back in prison. Any happiness the pair finds in the beginning of the season is only going to be marred by us waiting for the other shoe to drop. Have someone spill the beans early so that we can move on from the imminent breakup and get to the make-up!

7. More Nicky and Alex: While we're not rooting for them to have a romantic relationship, it would be scandalously juicy to have Alex resume her drug-dealing ways at Litchfield and see what that does to her relationship with Piper. After all, Alex has admitted that the only thing she knows how to do is move large quantities of heroin (she's apparently "really f---ing good at it"). What better place to start than getting rid of that stash of heroin Nicky (Natasha Lyonne) has hidden in that air vent? Plus, it would be interesting to see whether Alex enables her friend's addiction or helps her resist temptation.

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8. More group scenes: Orange is at its best not when digging into the life of an individual inmate, but when all the women are together. The group scenes shake up the dynamics and keep things fresh. But since last season was so segregated between the different prison factions, we missed out on all the amazing and often hilarious ways the women's different life experiences clash with each other. Hopefully, Season 3 will find ways to bring the women together more often, because these scenes often provide some of the show's much-needed levity (think: Season 2's job fair or Season 1's WAC campaign).

9. Keep pushing The Gay Agenda: One of the most interesting turns last season took was the unexpected alliance between Big Boo and Pennsatucky (Taryn Manning). But will 'Tucky catch on that there is no secret lesbian conspiracy to take over the world? Or will she continue acting as Boo's gullible little lap dog? Either way sounds like great television and we just hope OITNB doesn't shove their relationship under the rug.

10: Don't make us hate Ruby Rose: We're so excited Litchfield is welcoming Ruby Rose this season as new inmate Stella Carlin. However, all the characters OINTB introduced last season drove us up the wall. So please, producers, don't make us hope Ruby Rose gets shivved. Unfortunately, as Elle reports, Stella will be the crux of a new Piper-Alex love triangle, which doesn't exactly sound too promising. Instead, why not finally give Poussey (Samira Wiley) a love interest who loves her back? After the beating she took last season, she deserves some happiness - and we deserve to see some hot Poussey-Ruby Rose action.

11. No more Larry: Check! Dodged a bullet there.

Season 3 of Orange Is the New Black premieres Friday, June 12 on Netflix. What would you like to see?