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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Orange Is the New Black's New Inmates

A breakdown of the new faces at Litchfield Max

Keisha Hatchett

(Warning: This post contains spoilers for Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black. Read at your own risk.)

After a massive riot ended with the death of two guards, the ladies of Litchfield find themselves in a scary, new maximum security home at the start of Orange is the New Black's sixth season. As Piper (Taylor Schilling), Suzanne (Uzo Aduba), Red (Kate Mulgrew) and the rest of the gang assimilate into their new digs, they'll meet tons of new faces. Some will be friendly, like the inmate who goes by the moniker Daddy because she just wants to take care of her girls.

However, with everyone on high alert, there will be plenty of not-so-welcoming newcomers including a bully of a guard aptly named Hellman who takes twisted pleasure in making the inmates' lives as difficult as possible. With loads of new inmates and guards making their way onto the show this season, we know it can be pretty hard to keep track of who's who. That's why we're breaking down the key new players in a detailed list below. Check it out!

Daddy (Vicci Martinez)
The clear breakout of the season, this smooth-talking drug smuggler lives up to the moniker by the way that she takes care of her girls in D-Block. In a flashback, we learned that the name "Daddy" stuck long before her time at Litchfield Max and that she also trafficked drugs (and ran an escort service) while out in the real world. She immediately takes a liking to Daya though it looks like this relationship might be one-sided. Poor Daddy.

Barbara (Mackenzie Phillips)
An old enemy of Freida, the long-time inmate was sentenced to Max decades ago for murdering her younger sister Debbie with the help of her other sister Carol. Although she and Carol hardly get along, they have plotted to kill Freida for selling them out all those years ago. As the intimidating head honcho of C-Block, she has no qualms about manipulating her girls into a war with D-Block, led by Carol.

Carol (Henny Russel)
She, alongside Barb, helped start this long-running war between C-Block and D-Block which is rooted in both their hatred of each other and Frieda's betrayal. Decades back, Carol plotted to murder Barb during an inmate kickball game but was sold out by Frieda and the game plan failed. She never forgave Frieda for that and has spent all these years waiting to get her revenge.

Badison (Amanda Fuller)

Badison, whose real name is Madison, really wants you to think she's bad to the bone which is why she gave herself that nickname while serving time in boot camp as a teen. A bully with some serious anger issues, this troublemaker desperately seeks the approval of Carol, who takes advantage of her desire to be noticed by making her second in command. Showing immediate disdain for Piper, who represents everything she can't have, she makes Piper's life hell by trying to get more time added to her sentence.

Alverez (Nicholas Webber)
A C.O. at Litchfield's maximum's security prison, his biggest concern is winning Fantasy Inmate, a secret game among the guards where they rack up points for inmate infractions. He'll find any way to win, even if that means manipulating the inmates into fighting each other.

Copeland (Shawna Hamic)
Like Alvarez, she's also obsessed with winning this inmate fantasy league but consistently ranks at the bottom. With numerous years as a guard under her belt, she's not phased by disturbing behavior such as Frieda's suicide attempt and only sees these brutal moments as an opportunity to earn more points.

Hellman (Greg Vrotsos)

This name pretty much sums up his personality. The most vicious of all the C.O.'s, he takes pleasure in torturing the inmates as seen when he forced Ruiz and Mendoza to make out in the showers after their violent altercation. Still on edge after the Litchfield riot, he's especially harsh to Taystee and asserts his authority through intimidation and abuse, both physical and verbal. Like the other guards, he also participates in Inmate Fantasy and consistently ranks high in the game, not that it should come as a surprise.

Ward (Susan Heyward)
She and Taystee go way back, having known each other long before meeting up again at Litchfield Max. Although they share similar backgrounds, things turned out wildly different for Ward, who ended up as a guard at the maximum security prison. They shared a somewhat friendly relationship until Taystee detailed her assault by several guards in an emotional interview with a reporter. Seeing that as a betrayal, Ward turned a cold shoulder to her childhood friend who used to look out for her back in the day. Way harsh.

Hopper (Hunter Emery)
One of the nicer prison guards, he quickly finds himself dating Aleida who's just been released from prison. With nearly 10 years under his belt, he seemed pretty comfortable in his position until Aleida disparaged his job and accused him of having no ambition. Her words were motivation enough for him to help her smuggle drugs into the prison after discovering she was already using him as a drug mule without his knowledge. The gig is meant to be temporary but could also cost him his job and land him behind bars if he's caught. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Season 6 of Orange Is the New Black is currently available to stream on Netflix.