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Brace Yourself! Everything Is About to Change on Orange Is the New Black

Find out what's going down in Season 3

Sadie Gennis

Orange Is the New Black is back Friday, which means we finally get to find out what's up with our favorite inmates. And trust us when we say there is a lot going on this season. To get scoop on what's to come, check out our Season 3 primer below:

Piper and Alex:
Where we left off:
When she heard Alex planned to flee the country, Piper ratted her out to her parole officer.
What's next: Piper thankfully doesn't draw out the truth of how Alex landed back in Litchfield. And rather than do irreparable damage, the revelation only inspires the couple to work through their issues with lots of cathartic rough sex. But once the couple finally begin to get on solid ground again, a hot new inmate Stella (Ruby Rose) catches Piper's eye. As if Alex didn't have enough on her plate to deal. The former dealer soon becomes convinced Kubra has sent someone to Litchfield to kill her.

The Litchfield staff:
Where we left off:
Caputo blackmailed Fig into giving him a blow job and took her job.
What's next:
The future of Litchfield is in major peril, and the present is also pretty bleak. The guards are overwhelmed dealing with a bed bug infestation and new owners, the worst of whom is played by the excellent Mike Birbiglia. But all the drama leads to a lot of fun story lines with the guards, most notably O'Neill and Bell, who steal every scene they're in. However, the new counselor's (Marsha Stephanie Blake) easy ability to connect to the inmates through her drama class irks Healey, who's still as inept and lonely as ever.

Pennsatucky and Big Boo:
Where we left off:
Healey inspired Pennsatucky to have a more open mind and she became friends with Big Boo, who cut the bible thumper's hair short as an initiation into the Lesbian Agenda.
What's next:
The duo continue their unlikely friendship, bonding over things only they can, like abortions and swindling Evangelicals for cash. But most importantly, we finally get a close look at Boo's backstory, including her heartbreaking relationship with her mother.

Taystee, Poussey and Crazy Eyes:
Where we left off:
Taystee and Poussey reconciled and everyone - except Suzanne - finally was able to see Vee for what she was.
What's next: Just because Poussey has her best friend back, doesn't mean her hooch habit magically disappeared. The former army brat is still battling her inner demons and realizes maybe it's time she try and find a real girlfriend. She does get an exciting distraction from her troubles when her favorite celebrity chef and lifestyle specialist Judy King comes to Litchfield. Meanwhile, Taystee and Crazy Eyes are both struggling with the loss of Vee in different ways, but the pair find solace in each other.

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Gloria, Red and the kitchen:
Where we left off:
Red tried to assassinate Vee only to get her a--handed to her. Gloria's tenure as head of the kitchen remained relatively spotless and she found a new base for her Santeria operation.
What's next:
Red returns a new woman determined to work towards her future outside of Litchfield. But while Red is busy building this new life - which leads to a stomach-curdling relationship with Healey - there is one thing from her past she still has here eye on: the kitchen. And when Flaca's self-righteous ambition leaves an opening, Red is quick to make her move. Also expect to see a lot more of the kitchen workers' home lives and backstories this season, including the surprising reason Flaca got herself locked up.

Nicky and Morello:
Where we left off:
Nicky and Big Boo hare forced to leave all of Vee's heroin in an air vent. Morello was revealed to be a delusional stalker who isn't afraid to use a few explosives here or there.
What's next:
Some things never change. Morello is still as lovelorn as ever (and just as much of a compulsive liar). She fills her time writing to and meeting with a lot of male pen pals, posing as one noted criminal or another. Nicky, whose backstory we'll finally see, pursues her plan with Boo to sell Vee's heroin. Unfortunately, they run into more than a few hitches, the worst of which results in serious and irreversible consequences for someone involved.

Daya and Bennett:
Where we left off:
Bennett confessed the truth about Daya's baby to Caputo, who insisted he stay silent.
What's next: Things get even worse for Litchfield's star-crossed lovers as Daya's due date nears. For the first time, Daya and Bennett are forced to face the realities of what raising this baby would actually look like. To make matters worse, Pornstache's mother (Mary Steenburgen) arrives and offers to raise the child and give some financial support to Daya and her mother. A flashback to Bennett's time in the military also reveals he might not be the selfless golden boy he pretends to be and shines some light on his current predicament.

Here's why you should binge Orange is the New Black this weekend: