Oprah Winfrey, James Frey Oprah Winfrey, James Frey

Oprah Winfrey has apologized to James Frey for slamming him on her talk show after news broke that the author fabricated parts of his memoir.

"It was a nice surprise to hear from her, and I really appreciated the call and the sentiment," Frey told Vanity Fair. "When I heard her say, 'I felt I owe you an apology,' I was very grateful."

A spokeswoman for Winfrey confirmed Wednesday that the call occurred.

Winfrey selected Frey's 2003 best-seller A Million Little Pieces, which recounts his drug and alcohol addiction, for her book club in 2005. A year later, after learning he faked certain details, Winfrey brought him back to the show for an angry confrontation. "It is difficult for me to talk to you, because I really feel duped," she told him.

Frey released Bright Shiny Morning, a work of fiction, last year. There are no immediate plans for him to return to the show because it is on summer hiatus.

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