8:55: SAG president Alan Rosenberg speaks. Why does he look like a gangster from

The Untouchables? They're called stylists, dude.

8:56: Denis Leary presents Charles Durning with his Lifetime Achievement Award. Durning appears to be internally critiquing Leary's delivery. 9:00: I like how they got Don LaFontaine, aka that-movie-trailer-voiceover-guy, to narrate the montage. Any second now I'm expecting "In a world... where there is no writers' strike... " 9:02: I was expecting camera pans of the audience's reactions just about now. But no, just a nice tribute. The SAGs are too classy for the likes of me. 9:05: Burt Reynolds has chosen to go with the Vincent Price 'stache tonight. 9:06: Reynolds wants to take a bite out of Durning's cheek? They already made that movie, Burt, and they used Anthony Hopkins. 9:07: Speaking of Vincent Price mustaches, Tommy Lee Jones is on that boat, too. Quick, fashion mags, pounce! 9:08: Does anyone else think that rock of a Lifetime Achievement Award looks like it was stolen from Easter Island? 9:09: "Thanks to you all, I am living my dream." Thanks, Durning. I need a tissue. - Sandra Kofler TVGuide.com's Screen Actors Guild Awards coverage: " Winners and nominees " Photo galleries " Videos " Cheers & Jeers on The Sopranos' wins