Netflix has released the full trailer for its third season of One Day at a Time, and it's exactly the kind of happy place we all need to be in right about now.

After an eventful second season, abuelita Lydia (Rita Moreno) is feeling pretty feisty and Penelope (Justina Machado) seems to be in a good place as well, touting everything from her might in getting through the divorce to her decision to stick with her natural curls.

Things are getting serious between Elena (Isabelle Gomez) and Syd (Sheridan Pierce), though, and Alex (Marcel Ruiz) has apparently been experimenting with pot, much to his mother's chagrin. It's nothing Penelope can't navigate though; good call on not letting Elena call her S.O. her "better whole," ma!

The real meat of this teaser comes along in a moment when Penelope is arguing with a hot dad about whose household is more ridiculously strict — she'll raise making her kids wear flip-flops in their own showers to his keeping the kids out of public pools — before the two break into a steamy smooch. You go, Lupe!

One Day at a Time Season 3 hits Netflix on Friday, Feb. 3.