OK, when I was watching Two and a Half Men, it was really bothering me that I couldn't figure out who the girl playing Sandy was. I finally remembered, though: It was Josie Davis, the younger, brainy sister from Charles in Charge. Is it sad that I knew that? Probably a little bit. There were some great lines, including one from little Jake, who adjusted to his dad's dating with only one request, "Just remember the walls are thin and I'm impressionable." His adorable little mug and dry delivery made me forgive him for the sappy The Christmas Blessing. Turns out that Jake liked Sandy, though Charlie aptly noted that Jake would "join the Taliban if they made their own s'mores." Oh, and if ever there were a question as to whether the way to a man's heart was through his stomach, tonight reconfirmed that notion. Charlie and Alan kept the Martha wannabe around for her tasty treats and got a little thick around the middle for their troubles. I have to say, after watching so many skinny models while I'm pregnant, it made me feel a bit better to see these two normally slim guys with big bellies.... I haven't quite decided if I'm going to make a deal with Deal or No Deal quite yet. I watched the first one, but found myself rooting against the woman when she went way against the odds for a chance at a bit of extra cash. Actually it wasn't the contestant who really annoyed me as much as her greedy family. I at least have to watch again tomorrow night, since they did that sneaky game-show trick of starting a new game at the end of an episode. How manipulative. It drove me crazy when Millionaire did it, but the tactic clearly works. Also, I've got to tune in for at least one more day to see if germaphobe Howie Mandel, who donned rubber gloves on Celebrity Poker, will go nutty if another contestant hugs him. To me, that's the real gamble of this series. Angel Cohn