<EM>Lost</EM> Lost

OK, the scene between Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush getting all horned up on Brooke's couch had to be way uncomfy. And his "I'm the one for you" speech at the beach bonfire? Yikes. How many more of those are we going to see before the writers catch up to the crappy reality of the exes' allegedly "nonexclusive" marriage? Hopefully not as many as the brooding-Nathan bits because really, I won't stand for my Haley getting dumped on. Not telling her he was back from basketball camp, then feeding her the "move on" line? Poor form! Same with Peyton. I mean, sure it sucks that her druggie birth mom is trouble with a capital Laura Palmer, but there's no need to bitch out her father and friend. Seriously, girlfriend was nastier than rude-boy Adrian Grenier's fan snubs at the all-new TV Guide launch party. Unless it's the haircut that's bothering her, which is so silly because I'm loving it. I'm also totally loving that we may have a winner in the "Who Tried to Fry Dan?" contest. Now let's just see if the bastard's memory is on target, or if that vision of his bastard going pyro was just something to throw us off.