Oh, no. Sisters are so not doing it for themselves. This was just bad. And by that, I mean awesome! Catfights, CaboCuervo. Could we ask for anything more? Aside from, oh, I don't know, maybe some g.d. parenting! Cripes, as much as I live for this show, I'm wondering if Child Services should be called. But until they are, let's toast the decline of American civilization and a muy caliente spring break with a "Hola Back, Girls" survey.
1) Kristin's flirty-girty act with Talan: Supercute or tease of the decade?
2) Or do you think they did it?
3) Was that really a hickey, or did Jason the Chronic Cheater try to suck Poor Dumb Jessica's vocal cords straight out of her neck? And would we blame him if he did, just to shush her up?
4) Do you think Awful Alex will ever realize that calling the ex-girlfriend of the guy she stole a slut makes no sense at all?
5) Or that stalking said guy to the basketball courts is as sad as Poor Dumb Jess agreeing that she is a slut for hooking up with the furry tool in the first place?
6) Or that her massive sunglasses make her look like a dude?
7) Isn't it illegal for MTV to let everyone to booze it up South of the border like this? Talan was soused at the gang's dinner on the beach!
8) I'm torn on this one: Was it cool or cruel of Kristin to ditch Poor Dumb Jess in Cabo to chill with everyone else? Because I sort of get it; you can only take so much. But then there's loyalty. And aside from guys, K's usually pretty solid. Explain.
BONUS No. 1: Are we loving The O.C. so far this season? And who from "the real Orange County" would you most like to see crossover to the fake one?
BONUS No. 2: Who else got a rash from next week's Casey clips?