Britney Spears CD cover art courtesy Jive Records Britney Spears CD cover art courtesy Jive Records

Didn't Madonna already pull this stunt with her "Like a Prayer" video? Twitney Spears has outraged Catholic leaders with photos from her new CD, Blackout (in stores today). In one shot, in a typical state of semi-undress, the pop wreck is sitting on a priest's lap. In another, she's looking all come-hither while leaning against a church confessional. Other than concerns from religious leaders, however, the reviews for the disc have been pretty excellent.

Meanwhile, as they wait to to learn whether a 50/50 custody split will be reinstated, La Spears and Kevin Federline hooked up Monday at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills for her court-ordered parenting session (only the second of which she's said to have attended). Afterward, Mamma Mia went house-hunting.

Tuesday's Today's News was written by Ben Katner.