Rebecca Romijn by Vivian Zink/ABC Rebecca Romijn by Vivian Zink/ABC

ABC is now confirming what had been rumored for days: Rebecca Romijn will not be returning to Ugly Betty next season as a series regular.

"She'll be back next season in a recurring role," a spokesperson for ABC Studios tells me. "Watch for some juicy twists in her storyline."

Ealier this week, Romijn told the New York Post that recent behind-the-scenes changes at Betty paved the way for her sorta-exit. "They made a tremendous amount of changes, especially with the writing staff. And while I know I'll be coming back next season, with all the changes, I'm not sure they can take care of my character the way they have been. So I'll be... back in a recurring capacity."

I'll have more on Romijn's sorta-ouster in next week's Ask Ausiello. Until then, feel free to sorta-eulogize TV's first full-time transexual in the comments section below.