Ali and Dina Lohan by Jemal Countess/ Ali and Dina Lohan by Jemal Countess/

After trickles and teases for months, E! has announced the deets on the show we've all been waiting for, the tentatively titled Living Lohan.

In a scenario that seems part-exposé/part-career-launcher, Dina Lohan and daughter Ali, 14, will be the focal points of the show, which will take us into their Long Island homestead and follow Dina as she manages the fam and her younger daughter's career. According to E!, despite the family's recent traumas (divorce, Lindsay's struggles), "Dina is determined to help each of her four kids fulfill their dreams and refuses to live in fear of what others may think, despite being under the paparazzi microscope."

Despite the obvious concerns about the younger Lohan girl following in her sister's footsteps, Dina is "more experienced this time around," E! says, "and will do everything she can to protect Ali from the pressures and temptations of young Hollywood."

Adds an E! exec, "Dina is an incredibly hard-working, passionate mom that I think our viewers will find both relatable and highly entertaining."

While "passionate" might not have been my word of choice, I might, just maybe, check out the show when it launches this summer. Will you be tuning in? - Anna Dimond