Question: Have to tell you that I am still talking about running into you at Sapporo East outside Harrisburg two weeks ago. I pretty much tell everyone. No one is quite as excited as me, but they all appreciate the idea. I think that me hunting you down in Pennsylvania deserves anything you've got regarding the opening episode of The Office!

Answer: Funny, I'm still talking about our meeting, too... usually as I pass the security guards on my way into the office. "You remember what I told you Natalie looks like, right?" I ask them. "Yes, Mike," they groan. "We'll shoot to stun." I kid, I kid. In fact, since it's you asking, I'll spill what Office-mate Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin) told me at the Emmys. "I know that Pam was asked out on a date by Jim, and I think they might have gone out on that date," he said. "I'm not exactly sure." Which, translated, means, "I believe we will find out in the first hour-long episode." In it, as Baumgartner revealed, "Kevin becomes an investigative journalist, not unlike you, and tries to determine their relationship." And if he really is anything like me, he won't rest until he knows for sure.