Nadya Suleman Nadya Suleman

Octomom is headed for prime time — and it's only on Fox.

The network announced Monday that a two-hour documentary special about Nadya Suleman, titled Octomom: The Incredible Unseen Footage, is scheduled to air Wednesday, Aug. 19, according to The Associated Press.

Find out about Octomom's reality show deal

The special is based footage featuring the controversial single mother and her children, which originally shot by RadarOnline, who had their own deal with the mother of 14.

California's Labor Commission had brought four citations against RadarOnline for its videotaping of the children, saying the online company failed to get the required state permits and had taped the infants too late at night and for too long.

Radar sold the footage to Pilgrim Films & Entertainment, and Pilgrim then made the deal for the special with Fox.

The network and Pilgrim have set up a "six-figure" account for the children, according to Fox executive Mike Darnell.

Meanwhile, a European production company is set to start filming Suleman and her kids for a reality show on Sept. 1. The children — all under the age of eight — could collectively earn nearly $250,000 over three years of filming.

There is still no word on what network, if any will air the show in the U.S..

Will you tune in for the Octo-special?