The O.C.
Just when I was so excited to take over this column from Bettina Charles (who's been awesome at covering this show), my sheer annoyance came out when Ryan managed to punch yet another person in the face. How am I supposed to write anything original about this kid who feels the need to rescue every damsel in distress? This time it was on behalf of Jess, Trey's coke-dealing ex-girlfriend, whom Seth referred to as the "charming girl who took too much X and floated face down in our pool," and Sadie referred to as "that Hooters waitress." Yeah, it doesn't sound like she's jealous or anything. Jess was back and trying to clean up her act, but not without trying to seduce Ryan first. On the one hand I feel sorry for Ryan getting involved with these crazy and unstable girls (yes, Marissa Cooper, I'm talking about you), but seriously, does he have to get into a fight with every guy in the entire Orange County population? Well, the good news for Ryan was Sadie forgave him for ditching her all those times and ended up treating him to a steamy evening of making out on the floor. Speaking of steamy, Seth and Summer were finally able to sexually reconnect, with the assistance of Taylor, who noticed they had "lost the magic" and encouraged them to incorporate the art of kama sutra. Turns out all they needed was a good fight to get them turned on. And let's not forget about Marissa, who finally gave in to Volchek's persistent stalking and had her own steamy rip-your-clothes-off session inside that very romantic trailer. So congrats to everyone who finally got to release their sexual tension, and, oh yeah, shame on Sandy for choosing the hospital deal over Matt.