With its alcohol-free policy and lineup of angsty pop-rock bands, the Bait Shop, the new all-ages nightclub on Fox's The O.C., reminds us of another rich kids' hangout — Beverly Hills, 90210's Peach Pit: After Dark.

It even has a manager named Nat, just like on 90210. Is that intentional? "Yep," O.C. creator Josh Schwartz says with a laugh.

Schwartz admits that one reason he and his staff created the Bait Shop was to have a legitimate excuse to invite their favorite bands to play on the show (not to mention a marketing outlet: Bait Shop merchandise is sold at www.theocinsider.com). Also, he says, "we needed a parent-free place for the kids to hang out. Someplace where the Yoo-hoo flowed all night long."