Dominic Fumusa and Edie Falco Dominic Fumusa and Edie Falco

What a clusterfudge, indeed.

Showtime's She-House kicked off its third season, and things are just not looking good for Nurse Jackie...the person. Which is great for Nurse Jackie, the show.

Picking up seconds after last season's finale, Jackie was in full spin mode to throw her hubby and best gal pal O'Hara off the scent of her pill-popping, narcotic-snorting ways. But for all the fibs she fed them (convincingly, natch), there was no stopping one major truth from coming out after her husband, Kevin, still miffed about Jackie's financial fumblings, paid a visit to All Saints hospital.

Yep, the husband nobody knew about.

To paraphrase Dr. Coop, it was an a-ha and a ha-ha moment, as one by one, the staffers realized that Jackie's relationship with Eddie the pharmacist wasn't just a fling — it was an affair. And while this twist has disaster stitched all over it, it also promises that there will be more meaty moments ahead for Edie Falco and Dominic Fumasa, an underrated actor who continually impresses with his ability to go toe-to-toe with the powerhouse Emmy winner as her devoted but cuckolded better half. You might even say we're kinda high on him.

So what about you? Addicted to Nurse Jackie, too?

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