Question: What's the scoop on Numbers? The season finale did not make me a happy camper! I cannot believe they made Colby a spy! And what's up with Larry and Megan? Are they gone, too?

Answer: They will all be back. And all the business about Colby being a spy will kinda-sorta be resolved in the season premiere. "I think you'll see the essence of what you want to know resolved in one episode," says exec producer Cheryl Heuton, "and then a lot of repercussions on from there." As I pointed out in my latest vodcast, the Tony Scott-directed hour will be unlike any episode of Numbers you've ever seen. "It goes at a blistering pace," previews Heuton, who, after crunching the, ahem, numbers, predicts it'll rank as the most expensive episode since the pilot. "It's pretty high action for Numbers. Pretty high action period." And Scott didn't scrimp on the little things. Like hair. "Tony hired some fancy hair person to redo the cast's hair," Heuton says. "He is totally into hair. He said, 'I have no hair, so I'm obsessed with other people's hair.'"