Norman Reedus has decided not to press charges against the woman who bit him at a zombie convention, TMZ reports.

The Walking Dead star was doing a meet and greet and New Jersey's Walker Stalker Con when a fan chomped down on his chest. The bite didn't break the skin, so Reedus wasn't forced to seek medical attention and continued with the event.

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The actor declined to press charges against the biter, but she didn't escape all consequences. The woman has been banned from all future Walker Stalker conventions and any other sponsored events where Reedus is present.

"Finally met the love of my life, and get banned from the rest of the CON and lose two more $100 photo ops with him because I lost my mind... got so excited standing beside him... and just turned my head and bit him!" the woman wrote on Instagram. "I don't know what came over me. It wasn't my intention to hurt him. I'm sorry, Norman!"