In one of his previous mobster roles, Chazz Palminteri went toe-to-toe with Robert De Niro (and Billy Crystal, for that matter) in the 1999 comedy Analyze This. And although justice was served to his hot-headed honcho at that movie's end, the actor says that won't keep him from resurrecting boss Primo Sidone for the in-the-works follow-up.

"[My Analyze This character] could be dead, but there are no definites about it," Palminteri tells TV Guide Online. "I've spoken to Bob and Billy about [the sequel], and told them that, as soon as the script comes together, I'd do it. It would be great."

Until then, Palminteri again can be seen leading the mob life — but this time, minus the laughs. In the TNT original film Boss of Bosses (premiering Sunday at 8 pm/ET), Palminteri portrays real-life mobster Paul Castellano, the Gambino crime family head whose ambitious plans were snuffed by his 1985 assassination outside New York City's Sparks Steak House.

"It was fascinating to realize how smart he was, and how close he came to really taking the mob legitimate," Palminteri says of his research into Castellano. "He was one of the last traditional dons. He believed in non-violence, no drugs — and he would have pulled it off, really, if it wasn't for John Gotti. But the thug mentality prevailed."

In Boss of Bosses, Palminteri can be seen living the affluent life of a cash-rich capo. But despite Hollywood's oft-glam depiction of almighty dons, the actor says it's an uneasy existence. "It's a very seductive life, but it's a horrible life," he argues. "It may look great, but who wants to live every day not knowing if your best friend is going to put a bullet in the back of your head, or if the law is bugging your phone, or if someone is going to arrest you in front of your children? No, it's not a great life at all."