A day late and perhaps a dollar short on top of that. But nonetheless, I would be remiss if I did not share my resolutions for 2008. Such as:

" The consensus is deafening and I cannot ignore it any longer. Though I have never seen a single episode, nor do I have the opportunity to "catch up" with previous-season DVD sets, I resolve to watch The Wire when it returns this week.

" Provided that the strike ends... someday... and we start getting new How I Met Your Mothers, I resolve (again!) to finally track down Alyson Hannigan for a Q&A.

" The sometimes groanworthy Private Practice? I resolve to stick it out through the end of the season.

" I resolve to do whatever is within my meager yet undeniably increasing powers to get 30 Rock's audience into the seven mil range.

" As managing editor of this fine site, I resolve to shout from the mountaintops, in the loudest manner possible using HTML, the resolution of the WGA strike once it arrives.

" I resolve to deliver unto General Hospital fans a big treat later this month.

" Unless ABC's scheduling department starts "thinking" again and makes a new batch of entirely unnecessary moves, I resolve to watch Charisma's Big Shots debut on Jan. 10.

" On the TV Guide Talk podcast, I resolve to cut back on my mispronunciation of names. Seriously, I should be locked up for what I did to "Sarandon" during the last outing!

" The 20-year-old coaxial running through my house? Just not cutting it. I resolve to get rewired with fresh cable (unless it's like wicked-expensive).

" I resolve to pick up a nice maternity present for Jamie Lynn at Limited Too.

" I resolve to wear more collared shirts to work so that the Mitovich Mega Minute producers don't go quite as mad trying to pin a mike to a pullover.

" I resolve to make certain that that cocksure know-it-all Ausiello gets what's coming to him.... Or did I do that already? Mwah-ha-ha-ha.....

Finally, a look back at how I did with some of my 2007 "News Years Resolutions" not relating to Ms. Hanigan:

" My friend Sammy's Intervention series never did pay Britney that visit. Oh, the irony.

" That piece of engagement news I was sitting on last Dec. 31? Vanessa Marcil gave me the OK days later to blab it.

" I got to the bottom of the " Day Break episodes missing from ABC.com mystery"!

" I held back from asking Japanese tourists standing awestruck in Times Square, "Did you just teleport here?"

" I'm sad to say I blew off even more movie screenings this year, yet for some reason (OK, Amber Heard) scraped together time to see All the Boys Love Mandy Lane - a since-postponed film no one else might ever see. (Consider yourself blessed.)

" And no, I never deduced who was stealing the gum from my desk.

Happy 2008, readers!