Matthew Fox by Mario Perez/ABC Matthew Fox by Mario Perez/ABC
Lost is about to go somewhere it never has before: two steps forward, no steps back. Per, Episode 19 will be 100 percent flashback-free. The hour, says the website's mole, "focuses on one of Season 1's 'mysteries' - if that's the right word."

UPDATE: A source at ABC has since whispered to, "Although the episode doesn't have a traditional flashback, the flashback device is still used." Hmmm.... For the record, the flashback lineup for the season's remaining eps is as follows: " No. 17: Desmond " No. 18: Jin and Sun " No. 19: Nontraditional flashback time " No. 20: Benjamin " No. 21: Charlie " And the two-part season finale: Jack, natch Which of the above flashbacks are you looking forward to most? Vote here. Friday's Today's News was written by Ben Katner.