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For the first time ever, more drama pilots are being filmed in New York than Los Angeles, according to a new report from the organization Film LA.

During the most recent development season, 24 drama pilots were shot in the Big Apple, as opposed to 19 that were filmed in LA. Other popular filming locations were Vancouver, (17 projects), Atlanta (12 projects) and Toronto, (8 projects).

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Los Angeles' share of the comedy market is also slipping. In 2007, the city was home to 100 percent of comedy projects. Last year, its share was 83 percent and it currently stands at 76.

With the combined numbers for comedies and dramas, LA was home to 90 out of 203 total projects for the 2013-2014 development cycle. This marks the first time that LA's overall share of projects in development is less than 50 percent. According to Film LA, the slipping numbers can be attributed to California's current tax-credit and incentive program, which "makes it hard to attract and retain new pilots and TV series." In contrast, New York State has one of the highest tax incentive programs in the country for television production.

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