<EM>Threshold</EM> Threshold

It's a new personal record for me. I made it almost 45 minutes into an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition before I started tearing up. Of course, it was a two-hour episode, and I still ended up wiping my eyes for over an hour, so I guess it all evened out. I always watch, but tonight I was viewing with a purpose, to check out where all the TV Guides Ty came and collected from our office actually went, and to see people that I work with on TV, which was kind of cool in a surreal sort of way. The whole media center was pretty neat, and the staff bunks were fun (do those people have any place to store their clothing?), but the amazing tree with all the hands of the campers was what did me in. Once they started collecting those hand outlines, I knew I was done for. Then Trisha Yearwood showing up to sing an inspirational song and former space-cadet Lance Bass making an appearance and a whopping donation to the Russian sister camp founded by a former volunteer just added to the waterworks. But really, the best part of the episode, besides watching this deserving family and these amazing campers get loads of much-needed stuff, was watching how they demolished the old house with a spectacular  controlled fire. All that was missing was the old "don't try this at home" warning flashing upon the screen.