Cece (Hannah Simone) has grown up a lot on the last season and a half of New Girl. She and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) got married last season, and this season they bought a house and Cece started a new career as a modeling agent. She's pretty much a grown-up now, and the next step to being a grown-up, of course, is having a baby.

Simone tells TVGuide.com that people keep asking her about it: "Where's the baby? Where's the damn baby?"

Hannah Simone,<em> New Girl</em>Hannah Simone, New Girl

Calm down, she doesn't know yet. But don't be surprised if there's a little Schmidt or Cece on the horizon.

"I think the writers are listening," Simone says, "so who knows what could be next for them? I'm not sure."

You hear that, New Girl writers? People want a new girl (or boy)!

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