It's Valentine's Day on Tuesday's new episode of New Girl (9/8c, Fox), but romance is not in the air for most of the gang. Nick just got dumped. It sounds like Jess is headed for a breakup. Winston and Cece have been single and ready to mingle for awhile. (We still have hope for Cece, but Winston, not so much.) And Coach is getting the heave-ho. Which means the only person who actually has their love life together is, yes, Schmidt (Max Greenfield). The former ladies' man and president of the Cece Fan Club found lust with local politician Fawn Moscato (Zoe Lister-Jones) earlier this season. Even though New Girl fans are supposed to root for a Cece-Schmidt reconciliation, it was love at first episode with Fawn. Here's why:

1. Her name. Her name is Councilwoman Fawn Moscato. She doesn't even need to write "Bad-Ass M.C." on her business card. Her name exudes badass-ness. Regina Phalange and Art Vandelay would be totes jealous if, ya know, they actually existed.


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2. She calls it like she sees it.


3. She knows how to manipulate others when need be.


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4. Even when others are trying to manipulate her, she still out-manipulates them.

5. She can hold her liquor, aka she'd probably be great at True American.

6. She knows how to take care of business.

7. She owns her faults.

8. She's quick with the slogans - a key in politics.

9. She's fiercely independent.

New Girl airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox. What do you think of Fawn?

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